The Stormy Night: A Zak and Dakota Adventure



The Stormy Night is an animated short commissioned by the Children's Hospital Boston to help teach children about life with cancer. It began as an ongoing practicum project at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at BU in 2006, and is expected to be released sometime in 2011. I first worked on the project for a two-week practicum in spring 2007, creating effects and a rig for secondary characters. Over the course of the next year, following my graduation, I continued to work on the project part time. My contributions to the project include:

  • Creation of dynamic fluid and particle effects including fire, smoke, and sparks
  • Rigging of secondary characters
  • Re-rigging of an existing primary character (Dakota) to ease animation difficulties


This is the scene I worked on during my two-week practicum at the CDIA. I created the rig for the dog characters and the multi-layer fire effect. The fire included both fluid and particle flames, along with particles for the smoke and sparks. Finally, I aided in the creation of the snow-fall effect in the background.


 2015 Elliot Borenstein