Quest for Jaeger IIV

Lighting is used to create contrast that draws the player's attention to the puzzles.




For this project, I acted in a combination role as team leader, a game programmer and a technical artist. I was responsible for:

  • Helping to design the core game mechanics
  • Creating numerous dynamic shaders
  • Cleaning-up of game assets prior to integration
  • Integrating many of the in-game assets
  • Designing tools to aid in the creation of puzzles and dynamic levels
  • Level layout and scripting
  • Level and asset performance optimization



As a final project for Technical Game Development 1 at WPI, I worked with a group of 5 other students to create a complete game in a very short period of time. After only two weeks each for design and development, Quest for Jaeger IIV was the end result. It is a 'circuit based puzzle game', requiring the player to solve challenging puzzles to move forward and complete the game.

The playable game can be downloaded here (~30mb Rar). The Readme is available here.




 2015 Elliot Borenstein