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I led technical development on Drunken Robot Pornography, a 'bullet-hell' first-person shooter developed by Dejobaan Games, LLC. My responsibilities included:

  • Designing and implementing all game code in C# for the Unity Engine.
  • Maintaining a C++ plugin for Steamworks integration in the game, and building one of the first 3rd party integrations of Steam Workshop.
  • Interfacing with technical contacts at Valve, Oculus VR, and other companies.
  • Developing the majority of internal- and player-facing content cration tools.
  • Working with artists to integrate all game assets and implement effects and shaders.
  • Assisting with community management and user support through the game's Steam Community, the Dejobaan Twitch.tv stream, and booth presence at conventions.



In Drunken Robot Pornography, players take on the roll of Reuben, a bar owner who gave Tim, his robot-bartender, sentience. After listening to the stories of people at the bar, Tim decided the best way to cure humanity of its seemingly widespread depression was to build 30-story tall robots to destroy it. Players must use their jetpack and pea-shooter to save the city of Boston Sky from Tim and his robot centerfolds. When they're done with that, they can build their own robots and maps to share with other players on the Steam Workshop.

Some highlights about DRP:

  • Selected by Valve to be one of the first games on Steam Early Access.
  • One of the first 12 games to integrate Steam Workshop.
  • An active fan community making content that pushes us to make ever better creation tools for the Workshop.
  • Dejobaan's 6th game on Steam.
  • Launched February 2014, now available on Steam.


 2015 Elliot Borenstein